Better Everyday

The kids are getting better. Just in time, I asked one of the neighbors last Saturday where does she take her kids for medical consultations. Actually, it's the pediatrician's husband, an ENT doctor who was in the clinic and checked the kids last Monday. The pedia wasn't there that morning. It's good so far. No more fever and their cough sounds better. Meron bang ganon?

Sadly, we need to switch to a new pedia near our new place. When we go back to see the pedia, we'll know if they will be our official doctors. The kids' vaccines need to be updated. And I'm worried about kuya who had trauma with the series of vaccines due to the cat bite. Kuya's knees were again shaking when the dr weighed him. We were assuring him that it will be alright while he's laying down and the dr. is checking him. I'm proud of kuya coz I don't know how afraid he was but I saw that he's fighting to go through it.

Zach: Daddy, I'm brave noh.
Daddy: Yes you're good.
Mommy Me: You did it. And the doctor is good naman diba.

The dr. also encouraged us that in the new-age technology in medicines, they use shot blockers. So immunizations nowadays are not as cruel compared to before when kids get feverish after having a shot. And he said that in their clinic, to even more lessen the pain, they don't use the same needle that have been used to take the drug or have been injected to the rubber.

I was also thinking of trying Sinai Medical Center coz at least everything will be there like if they need to go on lab tests. But I'm thinking it will be more expensive in the hospital than in the clinic. Kaching! kaching!


Getting better here at home too. Teknik lang pala gumising ng maaga para magluto ng lunch kasama na baon ni Erwin. At yun na nga ang ginawa ng asawa ko, nagising ng maaga at nagsaing. Di ako makapaniwala. Tatagal kaya? Haha! Na-marinade ko naman na ang manok kaya pinrito na lang. Sya rin nagdice ng carrots at ginawa kong buttered corn, carrots and green peas-favorite ni honey.

Problema na lang ang labahan na mag-iisang linggo ng nakababad. Kawawa naman ang mga damit. Nainitan, naulanan. Tumatagal na sila don.

Kuya woke up and went out from the other room. When he saw me here on the laptop, he went back to the other room and slept. Good boy naman ng anak ko :)

Grabe, it's turning 1 AM na pla...Goodnight!