Day 2: Gratefulness Challenge

Saturday, September 20

1. I'm grateful that after a long busy day, I have a place I can call home.
2. I'm grateful that we're able to encourage someone in the celebration of her special day.
3. I'm grateful for the song leaders who gave their time and energy for our practice today for the upcoming church anniversary.

Now, let me tag Oyen, Dhel and Jenny to do this challenge. Just share three of the things you're grateful for in a day (starting tomorrow). This goes on for one week. Then tag 3 people everyday to do this challenge as well. You may post through your fb wall. Thank you so much!

Stay grateful peeps!

Day 1: Gratefulness Challenge

Friday, September 19

There's a meme going on in Facebook but I'm going to do it here in my blog. I was called out by an awesome sister, Anabel Mingo, to do the 7 Day Gratefulness Challenge. I'm grateful for you, Bel. Thank you for remembering me.

1. I'm grateful that God gave me another day to live!

2. It's raining hard due to typhoon Mario and Habagat but I'm grateful that I feel safe here at home.

3. I think everyday I'm grateful for this; that I'm a stay at home mom. But more so today coz I don't need to go out today for work, in this kind of weather (though I still might go out coz I need to pay the bills but it's just an option) and I can cuddle up with my big baby boys who are still sound asleep coz there's no classes.

I now nominate my sisters, Jennie, Cristina, and Charisse to post and share 3 things they are grateful for everyday for one week.


They Have A New Brother!

Monday, September 15

Last week, the boys were so happy to have a new Brother. We're able to use it immediately for Kuya's assignment printed directly from the iPad. It has Air Print capability, no cables, just wi-fi connection, so there's very minimal set up done. I was also able to print from the Mac without any drivers!

I'm subscribed to Scholastic website and found some reading resources there. The first one I printed is a minibook that they need to fill-in the story and illustrations by themselves. Here it is:
Title: Silly Stories by Zach and Gabe (though it seems like the latter didn't contribute much)

 On Monday, I woke up and looked in the mirrror. "Oh, no!" I yelled. I have saliva all over my face! I think my pet dog, Cloudy, licked my face when I was asleep.

On Tuesday, I had to babysit a gorilla. What a day! 1st chore: I need to wash its stinky butt when it poops. 2nd chore: clean all his/her mess!!

On Wednesday, a GIANDOG got loose in our classroom! Everyone was screaming and scared. All went to find a hiding place when there were no more hiding places, others hid in the bookshelf!

You'll never believe what happened on Thursday. A Barbarian came to my birthday party! Everyone screamed, some said: he has no invitation, but when he heard that he finished all the cakes :( was my dad in a barbarian costume.

On Friday, our class took the most amazing field trip. Believe it or not, we went to the most largest Volcano!!!

And on Saturday, the silliest thing of all happened. I was reading a book about magic when suddenly I was inside the book! Here's what happened: I was a magician. I woke up in front of the audience then when I pulled a rabbit on my hat nothing was there. I was so embarrassed.

There were grammatical errors and wrong spellings but I was amazed and surprised by what they've come up. And they did this for only about 10-15 minutes, as soon as I got out of the shower!

Now I've found a new way to encourage my young readers and creative writers.

Zorb Tube

Thursday, August 21

We had our church anniversary last Sunday in Philippine Sports Arena, (formerly ULTRA). After the worship, there were games and Gabe wanted to join the races but we didn't let him to coz his cough might worsen. But we can't let the opportunity pass for the two boys to try Zorb Tube. In the video below, well, you can tell who enjoyed watching the two tumble and get their feet on each other's face. Hhhhh :D Actually, sa kanya (daddy) 'ko natatawa. The vid could've been longer kaso wala nang space yung memory ng ipad.

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