Monday, October 20

Okay, so the gif I made was a little bit not what I wanted to see. But I didn't want to remake it coz uploading photos to the gif maker website takes a lot of time. So please bear with that. And my chubby cheeks!

The boys has a new favorite resto. BonChon! Yey! I suggested it coz I've been hearing good remarks about it and our mall, SM Sta. Rosa (wow rich!) has a new BonChon branch. We stopped by at the mall after the boys' UN Day in school (note to self-I owe you a blog about that.) but not really sure what to do there. Then turns out I have new pants when we went home! Hey! I just reminded the hubby that he hasn't fulfilled his long due promise of buying me new pants. (Coz my pants don't fit anymore, tsk tsk.) Anyways, what gives me joy is to hear my boys loving the food that they eat, like mentioned it so many times when we're in BonChon. The lil guy ordered soy garlic shrimp, kuya Zach had poppers and fries platter and shared rice with the lil bro, the daddy had oriental chicken vegetable salad and I ordered honey lemon chicken. Burp! Can't wait to try their soy garlic chicken.

We also tried a new ice cream stall which is also Korean btw. It's called Jipangyi. We're intrigued with the J shaped cone. The cone tasted like corn balls but the ice cream is just like any other ice cream. We just bought one for Kuya Zach and headed to still #1 in our list, DQ double dutch blizzard.

Halloween is near so the toy store is once again full of skulls, skeletons, halloween costumes, eeky toys, etc. We're looking for pirate sword to add to the lil guy's costume for their school Halloween. But the one that suits his costume is a lil bit expensive. The daddy said he'll just look somewhere. The boys are excited for halloween!

Have a great day everyone!

Our Family Tree

Wednesday, October 15

Gosh! It's been almost a month since my last blog. Not happy for that. I was tired from lots of offline activities. School, church, family, home duties (not in order of priority, that's just how I typed them) :D. And everytime I do my blog like right now, I feel grrr at myself coz I realize, why can't I do this more. But remember, what matters most is the life we live outside the social media. The Real Life. Anyway.....

So you see that's our family tree. It's Gabby's project in school. And we got a mark of "Great" for it. YAY! I'm not ashamed to admit that I made it, yes. I want it to be good coz I want to display it at home. Gabby wrote the "tradisyon ng pamilya" part. And he said others didn't have that part and his, has that part that's why the teacher marked it "great." 

Hey, family, we are all good-looking in our family tree, aren't we? Those pics were specifically chosen for this purpose. JK! Haha! :D

Have a great rainy day!

Day 2: Gratefulness Challenge

Saturday, September 20

1. I'm grateful that after a long busy day, I have a place I can call home.
2. I'm grateful that we're able to encourage someone in the celebration of her special day.
3. I'm grateful for the song leaders who gave their time and energy for our practice today for the upcoming church anniversary.

Now, let me tag Oyen, Dhel and Jenny to do this challenge. Just share three of the things you're grateful for in a day (starting tomorrow). This goes on for one week. Then tag 3 people everyday to do this challenge as well. You may post through your fb wall. Thank you so much!

Stay grateful peeps!

Day 1: Gratefulness Challenge

Friday, September 19

There's a meme going on in Facebook but I'm going to do it here in my blog. I was called out by an awesome sister, Anabel Mingo, to do the 7 Day Gratefulness Challenge. I'm grateful for you, Bel. Thank you for remembering me.

1. I'm grateful that God gave me another day to live!

2. It's raining hard due to typhoon Mario and Habagat but I'm grateful that I feel safe here at home.

3. I think everyday I'm grateful for this; that I'm a stay at home mom. But more so today coz I don't need to go out today for work, in this kind of weather (though I still might go out coz I need to pay the bills but it's just an option) and I can cuddle up with my big baby boys who are still sound asleep coz there's no classes.

I now nominate my sisters, Jennie, Cristina, and Charisse to post and share 3 things they are grateful for everyday for one week.


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