Date With The Boys: Jan. 2016

Sunday, January 31

The "qools" or kulets, always look forward for this time when we date with each one of them.

This aftie, I dated with Gabe first while the daddy dated with Kuya Zach. Then we exchanged dates. We see to it that we talk, no gadgets around. Except for taking pics ehey! We goof around of course. We have fun but the goal is to let them talk and listen to each of them.

I was surprised coz the first minute of my date with kuya Zach today, he immediately said sorry to me for not being obedient to me at times. Maybe his talk with his dad made him realize some things. It's so easy to just go with the flow of daily life. But it really makes a difference when you get to voice out or you get to hear what your kid or the other person is feeling or thinking. I also said sorry to him, although it was just yesterday when we exchanged sorrys. Hehe!

It's also a way of practicing how they express themselves, communicating with someone. Coz when I was small bawal makipag-usap sa matatanda pag hindi ka kinakausap. And usap before was, kumain ka na? Kain ka na. May babayaran po ko sa school. Magkano? O eto, bayaran mo bukas. Parang ganon lang, if you know what I mean. So growing up, I wasn't used to expressing myself. Even simply talking to people was hard for me, sometimes even until now.

My and my hubby's prayer is that our kids will remember the times when we spent time with each one of them. And not the times when we transformed into monster dad or momonster. Or not how terrible we let them feel while they're young. Coz we're not perfect parents, we snap at times when we don't want to. Bribing? No, coz this could be done simply at home. Just doing what we think would fill their love tanks. And what better way than spending quality and quantity time with each of them.

Sorry I talked much this time, haha! Great day everyone!





My Handmade Valentine's Card

Thursday, January 28

This is one of the Valentine's cards that I had made. Can you guess what part I messed up? I just tried to fix it. I'm thinking if I would still sell this because of the mess I made.

Would you buy this card for P50?


Quiet Morning Reads

Thursday, January 21

I love quiet mornings.

And reading in a quiet morning.

Plus coffee with whipped cream on top coz it's cold.


How To: Paperclay Art

Wednesday, January 20

Our lesson is about elements of art. We decided to make paperclay art with Finn and Jake design as the boy chose. I realized that putting the paperclay on the design has a calming and relaxing effect. It's quite addicting actually, heehee. Will post an update for the finished project.

How to make the paperclay?


1. 1 roll tissue paper. Others use shredded paper. I used tissue for availability reasons.

2. Water for soaking

3. 1/4 cup white glue

4. 1/4 cup water

5. Food color or poster color.

6. Hand blender

7. Airtight containers


1. Remove the tissue from the core. Soak the tissue in water.

2. Drain and squeeze the water off.

3. In a bowl, combine 1/4c water and 1/4c glue. Mix well.

4. Put the tissue in the water-glue solution. Using a hand blender, mix until the tissue until it's completely mushy. You may also do this using your bare hands. I just used a blender for faster result.

5. Take a small amount of the mush and put food or poster color of your choice. Mix well and add more tissue or more color to get the desired shade. Take another amount of mush for a different color. It's so exciting to mix colors and experiment with how many shades of color you can make.

Be sure to keep unused paperclay in an airtight container so it won't harden. I use Reynolds zipper bags.

What we did is we printed the chosen design. I put the design on top of the illustration board and traced it with a ballpen. I think it would be easier to use a carbon paper for tracing. Then I traced it with pencil on the illustration board. We reused an old one. I peeled off the white side of the board coz it had been used by Gabe for his project before. See! It's good to reuse and recycle *grin*. Then I drew the design using a marker. And one important thing I realized is to use a permanent marker. My mistake is I used a washable marker. That's why some black marks get mixed to the colored paperclay (Finn's sleeve, bag, etc.) because the paperclay is wet of course. The black marks appear when the paperclay is dried. No matter how careful we were to put paperclay in the between and not touching the lines, black mark still transfers to the paperclay. Now, goodluck to us for the teeth and tiny parts.

Paperclay art practices fine-motor skills for kids. It actually has lots of benefits for kids and adults. Doing it together promotes bonding between parent and child or between sibs. So it's a good homeschool or family activity or project.

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