It's So Ironic That I Can Even Blog Now

Wednesday, September 2

Just taking a break from thinking about all of the things at the same time. Whew!
September is always busy. And for a homeschooling family, the busiest times are the end of the quarter and the start of another. I didn't see that coming! As in, I was making the quarterly tests the day I was supposed to be giving math tests. Hats off to the teachers out there! And homeschooling moms and dads!
And ATM, I'm doing my son's Quarterly Plan. I haven't computed his grades and next week will be our assessment and portfolio review. Portfolio! We haven't even started making it.

And also, there's my youngest son who's been bitten by an insect. (Remember his knee accident where he needed stitches, I think that deserves a separate post) At first, I was sure it was an ant for those are the only ones lurking in the home, the moment I saw the bite. But days later when his eye got really swollen, we became so worried and unsure what really bit him.

Now days in antibiotic and antihistamine, the swelling is starting to subside, s..l..o...w...l...y. It's really really heartbreaking to see him especially when days he looked like Quasimodo. Thank God, he doesn't know who that is.

Oh I thought I was taking a break, yes, I just THOUGHT so. Wait why did the washing machine suddenly stopped!? WHAT! OH NOSE!!!


Love Team

Friday, August 21

How cute are they?! Hope they'd have babies soon!

I borrowed my MIL's male dog Storm heeheehee �� Let's see what happens next!

Happy lllooooonngggg weekend everyone!


Learning Modern Calligraphy Soon

Thursday, August 13

They say that we should always find new things to learn to enrich our senses. Well, I'm just blessed that contemporary calligraphy "found" me. I'm so excited to have something new to learn soon!

I've always been fascinated with nice, cursive, calligraphy style font types. But I was discouraged with how my works were during my college calligraphy class *bleehh*. So my belief was yeah, my hand-eye coordination is poor. And even though I love art, I'm bad at it. Just like, I love to dance but I look awkward doing it.

But lately, I've been seeing again these nice modern font types. Well in college the one we learned was formal calligraphy which was harder to relate to. I mean even a decade ago that time, (yes I was in college more than 10 years now) that kind of handwriting isn't being normally used in daily life. But now, modern calligraphy is being used everywhere. And when I searched through the internet, there were lots of inspirations on Pinterest, tutorials, forums and even worksheets. Yes! I already printed worksheets for me to practice on. So they're now waiting until I get my basic calligraphy tools *grin*.

Hey! Thank you for being here. I admit I have neglected my blog for so long *regret*. But I'm hoping to update again the soonest.

Bye for now! Have fun! And Smile!

Summer: A Short Story By Zach (Get Your Tissue Ready)

Sunday, June 21

This evening, I heard my sons talking about Summer, their tita's dog, now that she's in doggie heaven. So I told Zach to draw an illustration about her. He had a better idea of making a short story.

He made all of this on his own.

Here's the transcription:

This is for you Tita Candy.

This is Summer, a dog that is loved by many others. This is made for my Tita and her mom. I love you guys.

Summer: I feel sick.

S: Stuff happen.

S: why am I floating?

S: Is this doggie heaven?

S: Who are you?

Yuki: don't you remember? I'm Yuki, your friend......And buncha others too.

Random Doge: The new guy?

S: But I'm sad. Huhuhu

S: I miss my friends on earth and the other dogs.

Y: Aaaww! Don't cry. I'm going to show you something special for you.

S: Wow!

Y: C'mon let's ride it!!

(Sign: To Human Heaven)

Y: Mamay?

(My sons call their lolo, Mamay. It's the Batangueño term for lolo as their grandfather is a Batanueño.)

Mamay: Yuki? Summer?

S: Mamay!

M: Summer!

The End

Question: I wonder if Summer feels also what I feel.


And I was crying typing the end part of this transcription.

I asked Zach about what his question at the bottom part meant. And he was teary eyed when he said, "I feel sad. I miss Mamay."

I was surprised.

Sometimes we're not aware or they might not be expressing it, but kids could be deeply affected by the loss of a close relative. Let's be aware and help them through the process of dealing with the loss of loved ones. They might have questions so let's listen to them. They might have questions that we have no answers for, but it's important that we point them back to God. That God is the only one who has all the answers but we will understand in time. For now, we can find comfort in knowing that God cares for us. He knows what's best and He has a purpose in everything that happens.




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