Tricks For Me And Treats For The Kids

Tuesday, November 4

October 31
I had their names listed in Pavilion Mall Trick Or Treat Fair. It's good that they didn't require receipts unlike other activities that we have joined in at the mall. At the registration, I was surprised that they have even printed IDs with the name of each kid who is listed. Then, there's free face-painting and photo booth inside the activity center. Kuya Zach didn't want to have his face painted or to have his photo taken at the photo booth. So after the pirate had his mustache and goatee painted on his face, they lined up for the trick or treat parade. And this is the start of the search for tired legs and feet.

We went all throughout and up and down the whole mall. I even lost one of my boys who look like bumblebee and saw him crying after 10 minutes. Then it's time to go home. Only to again be in another search for aching feet err kind neighbours giving treats to kids in the village.


I didn't realize there are lots of kids in the village.
at the white house

Gab's loot

Zach's loot

Lesson learned: don't join two Trick or Treat events in one day unless you want to get sore leg muscles and aching soles again.
But bottom line, the bugoys are happy. They get to pick treats from the lootbags every now and then. 

Early Trick Or Treat

Thursday, October 30

My boys' school had early trick or treat last Oct. 24, last day before sem break. As I know about the school, they didn't want parents to be spending big money for school activities. And that's one of the things I like about this school. The theme is superheroes or villains and the school letter states that children could wear costumes but ordinary shirts with superhero/villain prints will do. Just happened that Gab has a pirate costume that I had custom-made for his graduation before. So again, he's a villain! This time, with a mustache and goatee. Aarrr!

Gab's cute classmates

 Guess who is this Bumblebee?

We already have this bumblebee sweatshirt months ago (P399 SM Department Store) and this mask years back (P499 Toys 'R Us) :D

Zach's classmate as Darth Vader

Lined up for the treats

Fascinated by bumblebee

Who would ever think that Captain Hook and Poison Ivy would meet someday?

The loot

Unfortunately, a *&^%$#@! individual took this loot from the pirate. I put these treats in Gab's hat inside the room and when it's time to go home, all of them were lost. tsk tsk! He's about to cry and my friend saw him. Good thing, she took him and gave some of her kid's candies to Gab. Thanks for saving us!
More trick or treating to go!

School Intramurals 2014

23 October 2014
So fired up for green team.

Don't Blow The Joker. First time to hear about this game. You need to blow the cards until only one card is left on top of the bottle. Kuya Zach is quite good on it using good breathing control. Unfortunately, the team only got 3rd place.

Futsal. Filipino version of soccer or football :)

Happy goalkeeper


Gab hit two opponents at the same time and he was so happy. But when it's time for their team to dodge the ball, he got hit after two balls throws and went to me sobbing. But when he was comforted, he remembered that he double-outed two guys at the same time. He's so proud of it that he kept telling his classmates, teachers and me about it.
Ready Spaghetti. They need to transfer the can to the other side using only the stick in their mouth. Again, they only got the 2nd or 3rd place.

Congratulations to Red Team for being the over-all champion!

Enfagrow A+ Snap-A-Milestone Contest

If I could have another baby, I would take photos of him/her every single day. Just to capture the fleeting growth of the baby, which could get lost in my own memory. But it's so good if you have photos to look at and remember it by. That's something I didn't do for my two boys. And it's now easier to do that with tablets, ipads or phone cameras. But like me, I'm sure you have taken photos of your child's milestones in life? A milestone features any of the brain's four critical skill areas - intellectual, motor, emotional and communication. The firsts. First time to ride a bike, first day in school (every school year), first pets, first time to eat solids or even first baby steps.
Enfalearn Philippines is having Snap A Milestone contest. As mentioned above, a milestone features any of the brain's four critical skill areas. Examples: first contest in school, first recital, first time to ride an airplane, first piano piece, etc. Interested participants may visit the Enfalearn Philippines Facebook page for more details: or *on mobile, type on the mobile browser
See diagram below of the 4 easy steps on how to join.
The promo runs from October 9 to November 15, 2014 and is open to 
parents or guardians (Philippine residents) of kids aged 37 months to 
10 years old as of the submission period of this contest.

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