Summer: A Short Story By Zach (Get Your Tissue Ready)

Sunday, June 21

This evening, I heard my sons talking about Summer, their tita's dog, now that she's in doggie heaven. So I told Zach to draw an illustration about her. He had a better idea of making a short story.

He made all of this on his own.

Here's the transcription:

This is for you Tita Candy.

This is Summer, a dog that is loved by many others. This is made for my Tita and her mom. I love you guys.

Summer: I feel sick.

S: Stuff happen.

S: why am I floating?

S: Is this doggie heaven?

S: Who are you?

Yuki: don't you remember? I'm Yuki, your friend......And buncha others too.

Random Doge: The new guy?

S: But I'm sad. Huhuhu

S: I miss my friends on earth and the other dogs.

Y: Aaaww! Don't cry. I'm going to show you something special for you.

S: Wow!

Y: C'mon let's ride it!!

(Sign: To Human Heaven)

Y: Mamay?

(My sons call their lolo, Mamay. It's the Batangueño term for lolo as their grandfather is a Batanueño.)

Mamay: Yuki? Summer?

S: Mamay!

M: Summer!

The End

Question: I wonder if Summer feels also what I feel.


And I was crying typing the end part of this transcription.

I asked Zach about what his question at the bottom part meant. And he was teary eyed when he said, "I feel sad. I miss Mamay."

I was surprised.

Sometimes we're not aware or they might not be expressing it, but kids could be deeply affected by the loss of a close relative. Let's be aware and help them through the process of dealing with the loss of loved ones. They might have questions so let's listen to them. They might have questions that we have no answers for, but it's important that we point them back to God. That God is the only one who has all the answers but we will understand in time. For now, we can find comfort in knowing that God cares for us. He knows what's best and He has a purpose in everything that happens.





Monday, June 8

What is something new to our family? Homeschooling!

I'll be homeschooling my son starting this year *crazy grin* I'll start with my eldest son first who will be in grade 5. I don't want to put a lot of pressure on myself so we decided to start with one of my sons first. But honestly, going through the past three months, there were thoughts of I might as well homeschool both of my sons now; moments when I was handing the tuition fee to the cashier of the conventional school and then moments when I was listening to Homeschool 101 training at TMA (The Master's Academy). But I and hubby have decided already with considerations made along the way. There were times when I really would've wanted both of them homeschooling this year. We have thought and prayed about it. Next year, hopefully, when I have adjusted to the new routine. Then that's another adjustment for when I'll be homeschooling both of them. Waha! Atleast, by then, I already have an idea what it's all about.

There's always fear for things that we will do for the first time. I know a lot of homeschooling moms and dads can relate to that. If I'm gonna do it, I don't know how things are going to be if I'm going to homeschool both of them now for the first time. I don't know how I'm going to be able to handle the daily testosterone levels in the house with half of the day my full face on it. I want to give myself the "permission to be human" (from Happiness 101 women's worskshop). And as Karyn White sings, I'm not your superwoman, oh no, no, no. You know, my sons are awesome! So awesome that sometimes it's too much for me to take. Moms of two sons or more, I know you know what I'm talking about. Eehee! And I love them. They're God's precious gifts to us. And God designed each of them in a special way.

Kakayanin naman, I think and as many multi-level homeschooling families can attest to. But again, I want to do it with both feet on the ground.

We got my son's books already and they're amazing. I'm so excited to be learning again, now alongside him. I'm still trying to find one of his books from second hand, the The Mystery Of History Vol. 1. Not in this pic, is the novel, My Side Of The Mountain, which he has been reading already before the school has even started.

So, why have we decided to homeschool? That's up next.

Have a blessed day everyone!

End Of May

Monday, June 1

Owemjee! Been itching to write type but i cant find the time to.

Lots lots lots of things happened offline for me from February until yesterday, which was last month coz it's the first day of June already.

I'm not sure if I can still tell you one by one. I'll try my best. It's not all-awesome days. But to sum all of it, I'm happy with what's been happening. Uhm, not all the time but life's not perfect *grin*

If I'm not moving around in the house, or out of the house, (then I was sleeping hehe, but my mind was full of things about our new ice cream business, (which was AWESOME! And im going to talk about that soon), and lots of other awesome things.

The pic above where my hair looks crazy but I don't mind coz it's so hot here in the Philippines, we were surprised by our small group leaders with a mini celebration of our birthdays. The three of us are all May celebrators. My birthday falls on the 23rd. Thank you for making us feel special Jing and Rachel!

I have to say bye for now! TTYAS!


Photos aren't even enough

Thursday, May 21

Just in awe.....

Have a great day everyone!


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