Zorb Tube

Thursday, August 21

We had our church anniversary last Sunday in Philippine Sports Arena, (formerly ULTRA). After the worship, there were games and Gabe wanted to join the races but we didn't let him to coz his cough might worsen. But we can't let the opportunity pass for the two boys to try Zorb Tube. In the video below, well, you can tell who enjoyed watching the two tumble and get their feet on each other's face. Hhhhh :D Actually, sa kanya (daddy) 'ko natatawa. The vid could've been longer kaso wala nang space yung memory ng ipad.

Whom Shall I Fear?

Thursday, August 14

Every one of us fear of something in our own lives. Even fear of the unknown. But truly, whom shall we fear? Whom shall we fear when God, who loves us all, holds everything in his hands.

Whom Shall I Fear is a great, great song by Chris Tomlin. Another song of his where the lyrics are so simple yet speaks profoundly from the heart and the melody so singable. To me, it's like a hymn for little kids. (And we are all God's little children.) That's why my youngest son can sing it...with feelings! I'll try to record my Gabby when he can sing the whole song already :D

All the glory to God!

Gabby, My 6-Year Old Wordsmith

Tuesday, August 5

According to studies, the language development of kids are commonly more robust in 5-7 year olds. This is the stage when they learn that different words could mean one thing. And also learn that one word can mean different things like "orange" color and "orange" fruit. They have better communication skills at this stage.

No wonder Gabby is so into word play as of lately. He is more verbally expressive and intuitive. Asking questions about word meanings or putting meanings into words on his own. He's so vulnerable and child-like. And I enjoy his being very 6-year old child self. And sometimes it could get so funny.

Here are some of our conversations:

Gab: (reading a magazine) "Batman, the brave and the bold." Haha! Si Batman pala bold, wala syang damit, hahaha!

"Si Daddy pala parang si Batman e. Kasi bold sya. (We all know that his daddy has lost most of his head-hair, yes.) Gets mo?

"Kaya pala ang tawag Batman e kasi malake yung butt nya!" He lols at his own corniness.

His Kuya Zach had a temperature of 39.1 degree C last week. He said "E pano yan, namamatay na ba si kuya Zach?" Hindi naman. He's just down with fever.

The next day, Zach wasn't able to go to school. When Gab came home from school and Kuya Zach was sleeping...
Gab: Mommy, ano, si kuya Zach, nag convulsion ba sya? Hindi ba sya namamatay?
Me: Ssshhh! Ano ka ba? He's just sleeping." (Sabay hipo ko kay Zach e.)

G: Mommy, in-ex mo ba yung tab or ni-mute mo lang ung computer ng sound?
M: Hindi po. Ni-mute ko lang ung sound ng computer.
G: Ahhh ok!
May mga kasama pa yan e- computer's daddy, bonedog, etc.
Alam na kung sino ang nagmana kay daddy. Hehehe!

To avoid fighting over who's turn is it in the ipad, I make use of the "Stop Play" setting in the ipad's alarm clock. I usually allow them 30 minutes each.
G: Mommy po, can I play with the iPad po pls.....po? (grinning ear to ear)
Turned to his kuya: Dapat mag sabe ka ng please 'tsaka ng po para gawen ni mommy 40 minutes yung time mo.

We're talking about something and I jokingly said...
M: How do you sure?
G: Hahaha! Parang si Master Yorda ka Mommy!

You'll be turning 7 on December. I enjoy being a mom to you. Hope you can stay as cute as you are, Gabby. But I know you'll continue to amuse me in your uniquely cute way always.

Coco Beach: Day 1

Friday, July 18

Touched down Coco Beach last July 11 (2014) at around noon and we were greeted with fresh buko juice and shell leis for our necks. My sons automatically loved the place the moment we walked in.
Gab said, "Ang ganda pala sa Coco Beach, ha." with his funny accent.
Our room. It is so homey and cozy.

stairs to the attic
Shot from the attic
lounge seat

I and hubby would've chosen the bed in the main floor but the two boys didn't feel like sleeping in the attic bedroom. But we didn't sleep in yet.

After eating the pizza that we bought in Batangas Port (we didn't eat it before boarding since we're avoiding another throwing up scene that might happen in the boat or anytime then), we changed to our swimming attire and went to the main pool.

The kids immediately made new friends with three boys who are playing in the pool. Funny how Gabby say their names coz, well, that's how the boys say their own names and so that's how Gabby call them too- Oscah (Oscar), Bowdy (Bodie), who are brothers and Gregry (Gregory).
Silent Pool

After trying out the main pool, we visited the Silent Pool. It's quite a hike up the hill but it's worth it. The jacuzzi was full when we came but we were content with the warm water gushing down from it. I wonder why they called it Silent Pool but when I saw the place, the name speaks for itself. It's so relaxing in here with the pool surrounded by lush trees, bushes and flowers. Don't worry if you get thirsty, there's a bar where you can order drinks from.

By the time, we went down from Silent Pool, it's low tide already. Aaahhhh :( Anyway, there's the hammock to relax.

The kids got hungry for swimming again at the main pool. We ordered bacon, lettuce 'n tomato sandwich and french fries.
4PM is Happy Hour at Coco Beach!
Cocktail drinks are for Buy 1 Get 1! We took advantage of it and ordered White Russian. It's a mixture of vodka, Kahlua and milk. I like the combination of the ingredients but the vodka part is too strong for us who aren't really alcohol drinkers. We flushed it with water and it balanced the taste and acidity. I finished mine while watching "Zumba by the beach." Hubby didn't finish his glass. His tummy couldn't take the acid and you know him, not big into alcohol.

The kids tried the playground before heading up to our room to change for dinner.

Nice view of the sunset from our room

We rode the cable car on the way up to Coco Grill. Their cable car is a one of a kind jeepney being pulled up (and down) on a track to take you to destinations around in Coco Beach.
grilled jumbo prawns
chicken cashew nuts

Hubby ordered Chicken Cashew Nuts while the two boys shared the order of Pork Char Sui. They loved the food. The pork was so tender and yummy and the chicken is so tasty as well. My first order was grilled crabs but it wasn't available so they offered me jumbo prawns instead. I enjoyed the meal, only to get surprised at the end of dinner when we got the bill. I thought it's the same price as the crab and didn't ask before ordering but I was wrong. Anyway, I enjoyed the meal, ATLIT!

After lounging a while in one of the hammocks,, my body is begging me to call it a day. I and the kids went up to our room while the daddy stayed in Carabao Resto where wifi is available.

This is what we saw when we opened our room. The bed was enticing us to lalaland. I slept together with the kids while waiting for hubby.

Coco Beach: Getting There, Travel Time and Fare
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