Photos aren't even enough

Thursday, May 21

Just in awe.....

Have a great day everyone!


Clubhouse Swimming Plus Surprise Visitors

Saturday, April 4

We had visitors today! They're the boys' cousins, Dionne, Lionne, Tito Edwin and Tita Donna.

They were about to go back to their own home coz we were at the pool already when they went to our house. The guard at the post just told them that we are at the pool. It's good that the guard was able to guess that it's us they were trying to see. Buti na lang magkamukha ang daddy kambal.

Thank you guys for the surprise visit! Next time we'll have more time together.

I can't wait for May so I too jumped in the pool. At nabitin ako sa swimming. Gusto ko pa! Swimming to be continued soon.

Edit: Sorry my timestamp at the photo grid should be April 4, 2015.

My Super Heroes Or What Happens When No Screen Time Allowed In The House

Thursday, March 26

Can't decide for a better title so I had to choose both. :D

These are my strong guard men with their manly beard and mustache. They did this to themselves.

This is what happens when no screen time allowed in the house. Children get more creative. And crazy fun. And happy.


Dental X-Ray Of A 9Yr. Old PLUS Good News!

Monday, March 23

These are Zach's teeth in x-ray. I literally screamed to the doctor "Andami!" Andami nyang teeth! Hhhh! It's weird seeing all those teeth in one mouth. I realized that if I'd be given a chance to have special power, I wouldn't want an xray vision.

To make it simpler, it's like there are three layers of teeth. But the ones we only see are just the line of teeth at the center. The ones in the second and third (canine) layers are still inside the gums and will have to erupt yet.

The dentist needed an xray before extracting one of his milk teeth; which was on the way of the permanent tooth. The baby tooth needs to be extracted coz the new tooth can't come out completely and it's a bit painful. Now the permanent tooth is getting out bit by bit and there's no more pain for him. Yey!

We've been to the dentist for cleaning and flouride but this was his first tooth extraction by a dentist. It means other teeth just fell off naturally or while playing. He was nervous on the way to the clinic, but he was brave until the procedure was done. Great job kuya Zach!

And here's the good news! Zach is exempted from taking his Final Tests in Computer and Robotics subjects. In his class, he's the only one who is exempted in Robotics. Hhmmm, I think that's another proof of where his interest lies.

Good day everyone!
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