It's A Date!

Saturday, February 28

Hope we could date them more often but we try to, as much as we can. They love some one on one quality time. I and Gabe had fun just taking dolfies (double selfie) at Dakasi.

Momee: Gabe, are you happy?

Gab: Yes!

M: Why?

G: hhmmm...Because I have new shoes.

M: Haha! What if you still have your old shoes, are you still happy?

G: Happy paren. Kase kasama tayo.


After 45 minutes, we met at toy express.

I asked Zach what he and daddy did and he said they shared a blizzard and just talked.

We love you guys!

Next time, we switch partners.

Have fun everyone!

Lucky Shot

Thursday, February 26

I was encouraged by this verse in the bible this morning. So I thought of sharing it in a photo of the sky and clouds. There were only few clouds and a vast blue sky so I thought well, this could work. So I took a shot and something went past, I didn't know at first what it was. When I looked at the photo, a tiny bird was there just right where someone would have it pasted through photoshop. Hahaha! Perfect!
Thank you Lord for being the God who lives and is present in our lives.
Good day everyone!

What's The Difference Between A Milkshake And A Smoothie?

Tuesday, February 24

Chocolate milkshake and mango-strawberry smoothie
Milkshake and smoothie, are they different or the same? Yes, they are different. But the difference is just how much milk you use. Milkshake has ice cream or milk as the main ingredients while a smoothie has fruits or fruit juices or chocolate as base ingredients. Of course, the ice cubes are always there and sugar or sweeteners are optional. Another thing to remember is that, a milkshake is a drinkable ice cream. Hmmmmm....
So I've been wrong all this time, calling any fruit blended with milk and ice cubes as milkshake. When most of the time, I'm actually making smoothies coz I don't use much milk.
Today, I made chocolate milkshakes for the boys and mango-strawberry smoothie for me. Now, I got it right! But whatever you call it, it doesn't matter as long as the boys love it!

Sshhh, He'll Get Embarrassed

Sunday, February 22

I luurrrvvveee you so much kuya Zach! �� ❤️✌️��

Good day everyone!


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