None But Jesus : Thinking Positive For 2015

Wednesday, January 14

New Year, last year, I was being battered by my emotions. (I can't exactly say what it is for privacy reasons.) And also at the start of the year before that.

Not to mention that I naturally am more emotional at the start of a new year; reflections about what happened or, what I did in the past year. Achievements? And then there's laying out goals and plans for the new year. Trying to dream again. Wishing and praying that things and relationships will be better. More in touch with the inner me. Are you like that when the new year comes?

If you're a personal friend of mine, you might not see me sulking. I'm not a hypocrite either. But I'm able to face the world like there's no struggle inside. With prayers. News come and the emotions come and go. Here comes the new year again...and the previous situation's not getting to a better light. And then, what's harder in life than to lose some loved ones?

But this new year, I realized that there's nothing I can do about it. But decide. Decide to not think about what I THINK, what I FEEL. Because in chaos or confusion, God is sovereign. Decide to be weak. Coz when I'm weak, God gives me grace to do His will. Decide to just think about JESUS. Because my delight is in Him.

This song gives me more faith that things will be better in His time.

Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream

Thursday, January 8

I'm so glad that my year started with an exciting opportunity. We're so privileged to have a chance to watch the Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream show at the Smart Araneta Coliseum at the second day of this year....FOR FREE!

Disney On Ice: Dare To Dream showcases Disney Princesses. And although with us is a bunch of eggs boys, I heard giggles and oohhhs and wows and aahhhsss from the group while watching the show. Even I and hubby were amazed.
before the show started
during the break 
So there, you just saw the progression of their excitement. 

Mickey Mouse and the gang started the show and you'll see them all through out the show. 
The first segment is about Snow White which was Caleb's favorite because of the 7 funny dwarfs.
(click photos to enlarge)
And then, Cinderella...The 2 evil sisters were hilarious. 

The Rapunzel segment is the highlight of the show. They used dialogue clips from the Tangled movie which was impressive coz they're able to summarize the whole movie in a 30-min. (if I'm correct) act. I was using an iPad. Plus a slow shutter, that's me. The princess had already gone down from being raised up or has changed position before I could even press the button, haist. Photos with the lanterns were taken from the video that I took. These photos don't tell the awesomeness of the acts, especially in "Rapunzel." The acts with Flynn/Eugene and Rapunzel swing with the ribbons up in the air were really amazing. It's like watching circus for a time there.

I love "Tangled" and have watched it a number of times. I cried every time I watched it. And during this show, I cried at the lanterns scene, again. Will post some videos soon.
After the show....

There's a "Meet and Greet" after the show but too bad I didn't find the area in time, they closed the door already. We saw two peops from the audience dressed as Rapunzel and (Wreck-It) Ralph having  their pics taken so we requested for pics with them instead.

Thanks Magnolia Chocolait! Til next time!

Win Disney On Ice Dare To Dream Tickets

Thursday, January 1

Magnolia Chocolait brings to you this year’s much-awaited ice skating spectacle!

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About Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream

Combining the contemporary stories of two modern-day princesses, Rapunzel and Tiana, with the classic elegance of Cinderella and Snow White, Dare to Dream whisks audiences away on exciting journeys where dreams really do come true. From the lighting and scenery to the music, choreography and costumes, each element of Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream magically combines to create a memorable show for the entire family.

Disney On Ice presents Dare to Dream shows will run from December 25 to January 4 at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. To purchase tickets, visit or call 911-5555 for inquiries.

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Tricks For Me And Treats For The Kids

Tuesday, November 4

October 31
I had their names listed in Pavilion Mall Trick Or Treat Fair. It's good that they didn't require receipts unlike other activities that we have joined in at the mall. At the registration, I was surprised that they have even printed IDs with the name of each kid who is listed. Then, there's free face-painting and photo booth inside the activity center. Kuya Zach didn't want to have his face painted or to have his photo taken at the photo booth. So after the pirate had his mustache and goatee painted on his face, they lined up for the trick or treat parade. And this is the start of the search for tired legs and feet.

We went all throughout and up and down the whole mall. I even lost one of my boys who look like bumblebee and saw him crying after 10 minutes. Then it's time to go home. Only to again be in another search for aching feet err kind neighbours giving treats to kids in the village.


I didn't realize there are lots of kids in the village.
at the white house

Gab's loot

Zach's loot

Lesson learned: don't join two Trick or Treat events in one day unless you want to get sore leg muscles and aching soles again.
But bottom line, the bugoys are happy. They get to pick treats from the lootbags every now and then. 

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