A Turtle Instead

Gmail Chat Saturday
3:05 PM me: kya sa haus ntn no pets ha
Erwin: turtle pwede
me: :-|
3:06 PM uuhhmmm pwede un pd
saka fish cguro
or lobster
Erwin: oo yun ok yun..

I was shocked to see blood on Zach's hand last Friday. He was just beside me playing that I only realized he went out when he came up to me showing his left hand. It was three tiny punctures and I got more furious when he answered "Cat" and pointed to where the cats usually run. My sister washed it with soap and water. Saturday, we went to his pedia cause I thought he could give proper treatment (aghh so naive of me!). He referred us to a RITM (Research Institute for Tropical Medicine) in Alabang for a said vaccination. Since Alabang is quite far I asked around for a clinic or hospital but unfortunately the clinic near us that gives treatment for animal bites is closed on Saturday. Sunday morning we rushed to Alabang. While on queue at the cashier, Erwin was talking to a woman and she said that the costs run from 4thousand to 7thousand pesos depending on the examination of the wound. Her son (about 4-5 yr old) was bitten by a dog on the neck. I thought my son was lucky he got only tiny bites on the hand. We waited for our turn to be interviewed and examined. Then bought the doctor's prescriptions. One was a vial with half-filled transparent liquid and the other looked like ice on square packs. I thought "these will be given to my son on a vaccine?" I remembered how the vaccines felt...my poor Zach. First, skin tests. Short cry. No reaction to the drugs. Then the nurse told us it will be five shots. One on the right arm, two on the left, one near the bite, and one on the left leg. I held back my tears as I held zach screaming and wrestling in pain. Thank God that moment's over. But not really cause there are two more sessions. This morning, he was accompanied by hubby for his 2nd dose. His left arm is still bumpy red and got another one on it again. It's either there or on the crotches so hubby just chose the arms. I was lucky hubby volunteered to go with him this morning. Still have time to build up myself til the 17th to see him get his next dose. Haayyy!