Thorn Therapy

Before I went to surgery, I've already been into succulent gardening. It was ironic that the time I became fond of gardening again was the time after we had the whole yard cemented. One reason maybe is that with the yard cemented, there's no more problem dealing with pesky weeds that grow faster than your actual plants. And also the small front lawn without plants in it looks dry and lifeless. So I started planting again, in pots. And one of the plants that I became fond of is succulents.

Succulents don't need lots of caring and time compared to other plants. So they are for people like me who are forgetful and busy. If..... IF, you know the proper care to succulents then you would be successful. I am actually addicted and it has become my therapy when I came back from surgery. Tending to my succulents became my therapy as I started doing things and going back to my regular day to day activities little by little. And they're so nice to look at, with their different shapes, textures and colors. Some even don't look like living plants which is amazing. Still some don't even look like plants which is more amazing. Sometimes I just stare at them for minutes.

People tend to call all plants of this kind as cacti but the fact is that:
All cacti are succulents but not all succulents are cacti.
The more I get OA - lots of tending to them, or repotting and the more OE (over-excited) I get, the more they die. Honestly, a lot of succulents have died in my care or over-care in that case.

Lately, my mamillaria and stapelia cacti are showing off some blooms. And that's a bonus excitement about succulents, when they show off. It warms my heart to see blooms and even just baby buds off their mother plant each new day.

It has been proven that gardening has lots of benefits for a person's mind and body, whatever kind of plants you may be tending to.

Have a great day lovelies!


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