Busy boys, Bored Bird

Just want to update you today. It's 11AM already. Haven't started with today's homeschool yet. The boys are busy reading novels so I'll let them be. Sometimes it's better to wait for them when they are ready to start HS for the day. With that there's less complaining. Not 0% but less. 

So, what's with this bird? It's a new accidental companion in the home. Yesterday, it flew in our front yard while I and hubs were checking out our fruiting lemon plant. It landed on the street and we were worried it might get crushed when a vehicle passes. I noticed it struggled flying. So we lured it with rice grains and it came walking to hub's arm. I figured it's a house pet since it's so tamed. He loves to fly up on heads.

It doesn't even fly out of the house even when the doors are open. If we're going to just let it out, it might be in danger coz its other flight feathers are missing. No one came looking for it so we we decided to keep it. The boys were happy coz they really love pets. For now, the whole house is a bird cage until we get one.