Blog Pad Pro: My New Blogging App


You need to have a blogging app when blogging from the iPad. It's impossible to blog from the iPad in a blogger (blogspot) or wordpress editor. 

A blogging app is really essential for me so I could easily write, edit and add photos anytime, even when offline. Then once I become online, I could just easily publish my blog. There's also a feature that allows you to publish your blog automatically on your preferred date. 

Before, my go-to app was Blogsy. But when  I updated to iOS 10, Blogsy suddenly stopped working. So I googled, and in their facebook page they said they were having a hard time updating the system when iOS 10 came. Too bad coz I really loved Blogsy. 

So, now I'm using Blog Pad Pro. It's also free. Though I still have to get used to the user interface, there's not a lot of difference from Blogsy's features so far. It's for Wordpress and Blogger.

It's a bed weather today!

Have a great day lovelies!