DIY: Hair Dye Using Lolane Pixxel Very Light Ash Blonde

Two weeks ago, I dyed my hair in Creamy Ash by Beautylabo. Kaya pala, anlabo nila e. Hehe. The result that you see above is from two weeks after I colored my hair. That's how it looks in bright light. Quite far from the one in the box isn't it. 

I want my hair to be even more ashy. So today, I colored my hair again with Lolane Pixxel in Very Light Ash Blonde. I always choose ashy tones as I hate orangey or reddish in my hair. The pic in the last frame is the result under natural light. A bit orangey for my taste. I was hoping for a more greyish tone.
after applying the color mixture
with my magic grocery bag
result under bright light
It's nicer in different lighting, though. The color in this pic is closer to the one I'm rooting for.

I followed the instructions given in the box- 10 minutes application, then 30 minutes waiting time, rinse, then dry. I didn't expect it'll be totally blonde coz my hair isn't bleached white before applying the hair dye. I just applied the hair dye directly on brown hair. But still, it's too far from the result photos in the box. I was hoping it'll be greyish brown in the end.

Main reason why I dye my hair is to hide white hair. As for white hair coverage, it didn't do that task well. In fairness, my hair is soft as I was rinsing it. No need to shampoo. And it smells fruity good after.

Lolane Pixxel is very inexpensive at P129 only. Either the price tells me not to expect too much or that I should've left the color longer like 60 minutes in my hair? Haha!

I'm hoping the brassiness would still go away. Let's see, then. I'll update you if the hair color changes.

Have a great day lovelies!