Sunflower Project: Planting Sunflower Seeds

My sons have been playing Plants vs. Zombies again. And I thought the garden, our real garden would look pleasant with sunflowers around. I bought a pack of sunflowers seeds from the supermarket. It says 150-200cm which I calculated would be arnd 4feet. So I figured that might be the excpected height of the sunflower plants in growth success. Wow exciting!


According to my research, sunflowers thrive with lots of full sun so yey coz we get a lot of sun here in the Philippines in this month of May. I planted the seeds in a plastic pot, an empty ice cream bowl with garden soil in it. I dug 1 inch using my pointing finger and put in the seeds one in each hole.

I covered the holes and watered the pots.

I put them on a wall where I know they'll be getting a lot of sun and also that the cats can't dig the soil in the pots.

Sadly, the sun was hiding beneath the clouds and it rained every afternoon for three days. So I had to take the pots inside the house. The packet says in lowland, sow the seeds anytime of the year and the flowers will bloom. So I put my hope in that.

The whole day yesterday, the sky goes from sunny to gloomy to sunny to gloomy or cloudy but it didn't rain. The pots were outside again. So I was praying we don't get rain in the coming days. PAG-ASA says it's not the start of the rainy season yet. I hope they're not wrong this time. The sun was shining the brightest today in days so I visited the pots outside but no changes. And when I looked on the places where I planted the seeds directly in the garden, I saw 5 sprouts of .5 - 1 inch and I was so happy! Here are my cute sunflower plants 3 days after planting seeds.
the cutest one has the seed coat still on top of it :D 

I hope these tiny sunflowers will continue to grow. And also the 11 seeds in the pots. I'm still praying for the other two seeds that I planted directly to sprout as well. I hope we get a lot of sun in the coming days.

Do you think my sunflower project will be a success?


apple said…
interesting project! show us when they grow and bear flowers. :)