Excited For Tomorrow :D

It's declared National Holiday tomorrow and on the following day. My sister texted me and said they, my parents, sibs, nephews and niece are coming to visit us tomorrow. YEY! I'm so excited :D

Usually, we're left with a mess when visitors leave. If only we have Contemporanea, Flagstone, Le Argille and Pietra tiles by Cas here at home, clean up would be easier. Tiles are easier to clean coz dirt don't stick a lot to tile flooring. They're glossy property makes it easy to clean up. Just a glide of damp wash cloth over the floor and the dirt is gone. I dream of having decent tile flooring someday.

But as of now, I don't really care if the visitors mess up our floor. Nothing can buy the joy of accommodating friends who came out of their way just to see us. Or even spending time with the whole family.


kimmy said…
nice bonding time plans!

can you please check THIS out?