Troupe To Divisoria Mall For Your Party Needs

loot bags w/ phineas and ferb badge
Had a successful trip to Divisoria last Saturday. I didn't expect that Divisoria Mall is a haven for party goods, toys and giveaways for birthdays.

Bought these bags for P12. Then I saw a stall in the second floor that makes personalized badges or pins. I just figured out it'll serve it's purpose as a pin and cute accent to the loot bags when I was already assembling the giveaways inside the bags. Hubby says the badge is pricey for P10.

There were stalls making party invitations, banners, tarpaulins, personalized caps, towels, and shirts but that's the only stall who makes badges. They also make personalized tumblers which was my first target before I stormed to Divi but I saw it late. I've bought the bags and loots already. I would've gotten the personalized tumblers made had I seen them first. So let me say this, go to the second floor of Divisoria Mall first before you buy anything. They have balloons, foil balloons which I also bought, buntings, candles, ribbons, party hats, stickers, confetti, giveaways and everything you need for your party.

Except that I didn't see any Phineas and Ferb items not even one. Its seldom that you can find Phineas and Ferb items even in department stores and National bookstore. Sponge bob, Angry Birds, Mickey Mouse, Hello Kitty, and Disney Princesses were ubiquitous even not in Divisoria. So I was happy with the custom made badges. You may choose from their designs but if they don't have what you like, the guy will search images from the Internet and make your preferred design and add your own texts.

Divisoria giveaways
For the prizes and giveaways, I need to choose generic items. I got skeleton keychains, bracelets, block erasers, light rings, clays and ballpens. Not included in the pic are the twister worms. Hope the kids will be happy to receive these items.

Divisoria disposable utensils
Just across Divisoria Mall, in Sto. Cristo St., you will see papers and plastics stores. I was able to buy spoons, forks, paper plates w/plastic holders, desert plates, sundae cups w/lids, paper cups and stirrer (for coffee) enough to be used by 150 guests. All for P1,800+. In Puregold, paper plates w/plastic holders is @P58/pack of 5 pcs. I calculated and it'll cost us P1,400 if we've bought in Puregold which sells at reasonable price among other supermarkets. And that's only for the paper plates.

Our bags were heavy going home but you may take a pedicab (P60) going to the PNR station. We took a train which made our travel more convenient from Tutuban to Laguna.

Hubby also did his assignment! He donwnloaded Phineas and Ferb OST and had it transferred here in my iPad ready to be played during the party.

Excited! Excited!


LadyBhev21 said…
Wow... I would love to go to divi also to buy party stuff for my baby's 1st bday...