Finally Jogging

At long last it happened! We've been planning to go jogging since the start of the year for good health. But daddy's work schedule just changed lately, so now he can wake up early on Saturdays.
The daddy has been trying to lose weight by getting low on carbs. And now he decided he really need to jog off those extra belly fats.
So early this morning, we woke the kids up and went to the nearby circle just outside our village. At 6:30 AM, there were birds earlier than us already sweating.
We did stretching first before we jogged. I easily pant like a dog so I walked 85% of the time. Last time I ran, I didn't know about hurting legs and ankles. And now I feel those. But it's good to wiggle your fats all over your body and sweat them out.
We did some stretching again then sat down at the side walk and had a group prayer.
Then we went to Jollibee for our breakfast and waited for the grocery to open until 9:00AM.
I look forward to our jogging dates every other night during weekdays and every Saturday morning.


great and healthy family bonding! =)
Hazel said…
Healthy activities are always great for a family. Glad the husband's schedule allowed you to do this together.
Fun jogging shots, Jona :)