Robot Arms

With my sons, there's endless possibilities with just anything they see around the house.

Zach found a box and he asked me if he can use it. Next minute, he's cutting it and taping the sides. They colored the boxes and voila! They got robot arms!


Mommy Jes said…
wow!! ang mga lalake tlga hehehe ang cute ng mga naiisip n art ahahha i love it!! EThan does this stuff dn sabi nya SPY daw sya :)) ehhehehe kids!

Anyways yes may accent n mga chikiting ko heheheh dati parang tag askuwater lang mag salit si Ishi ahahha ngyun super slang n ay sus ako p nga ni co correct :))
Leah H. said…
So creative naman, galing..

Visiting for WW- hope you can stop by:)
emzkie said…
hehehe that is so cool! so creative of them.

from WW
bev said…
I cant wait for my little boy to do things like that, he is only 1. visiting from KID appreciate it if you can drop by my entry.
so creative boys of yours Sis :-) Dropping by from Kids Doodles
very creative robot arms Sis of your boys :-) Dropping by from Wednesday Whites
that is just way too creative! way to go, guys! :)

thank you for joining K.I.D + do join us again next time, right? :)
raya said…
our kids' creativity never cease to amaze us , eh? thanks for joining WW, JOna! How are you? sorry we don't have net in our new house now... have not joined SS for ages!
genefaith said…
galing naman...from cartoon box to robot arms..that's what we call upcycling..galing!