Love You Forever

I can relate so much even by just looking at the cover. Very heartwarming and touching book. I had a lump in my throat nearing the end of it. Even my 6-yr. old son was touched.

No matter if your house looked like a jungle, how much spit, poop and food you had on your hands, how much milk, spag and juice spilled in your couch, how many times your child disobeyed you and you hated yourself for being terribly mad, how much brawling your kids had with each other that it's such a the end of the day, you look at your sleeping kids and feel that you just love them.

Thanks for this book, SIL. Very apt for Mother's Day (last year) :)
Mommy Moments.


chubskulit said…
I couldn't agree more, very well said. My Mommy Moments, have a great weekend.
Tetcha said…
So true, we love our kids no matter what. I'd love to get a copy of this book, too! Visiting from MM! Here's my entry:
Chris said…
i bought that book for a price.. but i saw copies of it at BookSale not so long ago.

that is a must read for all moms!