Our Blinds

I was trying to take a shot of our window and Winter randomly got in the way. But I'm not featuring my son today. I'll be talking to you about our blinds.

We installed blinds to block the harsh sunlight especially in the afternoon when the sun's at its brightest; which has lessened the amount of heat that comes in. It has also added a more homey look to our home :)

We chose this kind, made of thin wood slats instead of the one with metal because we thought its more durable. Our thinking has been proven true. Our blinds have been on our window for more than two years already.


Vhen said…
we used to have blinds too, kaso tinanggal na hirap kasi linisin hehehehe!

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anne said…
I am also planning to put blinds instead of curtain on our windows visiting from Wednesday White. Mine is up and its here thanks. My Daily Mumbles
emzkie said…
very cute picture. hehe i guess he wants to be in it. we have blinds here too, we need it specially in the spring season and fall season when the sun is radiating so much radiation. =D

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Rcel said…
Blinds indeed are a good addition to our home's structure not to mention they help in reducing the heat that comes in. Funny how the kiddo was so quick in joining the click! ;-)

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Leah H. said…
We have blinds installed in all our windows too..

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what a wild boy he is Sis :-) Visiting from Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the visit too.

raya said…
wow! good that you got the durable ones! Winter's hair is so cute!
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