Children's Books In iPad

I don't intend to let my kids use my iPad....all the time. But since they are always interested, might as well get apps that's educational for the kids.

New in my iPad are good books and one is the pop-out book "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" by Beatrix Potter.

It's a digital pop-out book. Touch the bunnies and they laugh, the birds chatter and you can also pop the blueberries.

Help Peter Rabbit go under the fence by moving the finger sideways. Help Peter
Zach chooses the option - "read to self" while Winter chooses the option - "read to me."

Best of all, every word is played in audio when you tap it. So Winter gets familiarized with the words more as an assistance to a non-reader.
Now I'm saving up so I could purchase the whole book.
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Laikka said…! good news specially here na high tech na mga bata..hehe!

visiting today!
Me said…
coolness! :D i love interactive ebooks!! We just discovered MeeGenius! from the chrome app store, a tad better than starfall.
Jessica said…
what a lucky kids :-) I know my son wants an iPad but I do not think so. What an educational way for the kids to learn. Dropping some love for
Thursday Brownies, hope that you can return the favor too.
Dhemz said…
how cool! would love to have an ipad...kaso wala pambili...eheheh!

am sure the kids will love this app...:)
Tetcha said…
Kids will surely love those digital pop-out books. They're really nice, and they make reading so much fun. Here's my MM entry:
Unknown said…
i forgot w/c tv program i had watched similar features like that...oh, CNN. the ipad as a learning tool for kids...high tech tlg:)
kimmyschemy06 said…
waaahh! i want n iPad..

by the way, do you mind checking out on Temporary Goodbye?
""rarejonRez"" said…
Ha ha ha. Nice and sounds like a fun book to read and play with in an iPad. My daughter borrows my Touchpad sometimes and yes, those apps that are educational for them indeed are a good avenue. :)

Dropping by for Mommy Moments!

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Chubskulit Rose said…
Wow that's a great idea, ery high tech for learning. Visiting from Mommy Moments.
 gmirage said…
Hihi, I'm keeping the kids away from this because I'm on a tight budget lol. But it's truly one way to engage them more to reading...hmmm - Mirage (vanity 101)
January Zelene said…
wow.. high-tech kids hehehe..can't afford to get one.. hehe

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PL said…
i've always wanted one for me too and with my little boy so interested in reading, i guess this is one way to keep him busy too. unfortunately, i can't afford to have one.. :-( so books na lang talaga. visiting lang po. i'm planning of joining your sweet saturday meme.
Icar said…
good way of using the Ipad...interactive yet still reliving the value of reading...

visiting for MM!
Chris said…
definitely a good way to enhance learning! ;d