My Kids' Pets

A dragonfly was flying around our house when we wake up one morning. Glad I was able to take a shot of it before Gabe accidentally let it go. The dragonfly didn't eat the piece of bread but it chewed on the ant that Zach caught. (click to enlarge)

This is crabby, a hermit crab. A friend of my son gave it to him after he lost the three crabs that daddy bought for him from our visit to Alaminos, Laguna.
Hermit crabs transfer to a different shell that it'll fit into when it becomes bigger. So I don't know until when crabby will live. Don't know if it eats the small ants that Zach catch for it. I'm actually surprised that it lasted as of writing.

What's your kid's pet?


Kitts said…
sana magawa ni kuya yung ant farm para sa mga kulets ;)
Enchie said…
I'm so curious about Hermit Crabs, "parang"i heard before for good luck din daw siya, but I'm not sure...