How's Your First Week Of School Going?

I'm still adjusting to our new schedule. I'm finding it hard to wake up at 5AM.

If you're enrolled in online universities this won't be a problem. You can go to school, in front of the computer that is, at your own convenient time. And when you find it necessary. But my kid is still in grade 1. heck! The school service arrives at 6:30 coz they should be at the flag ceremony at 7:15AM. It's easy to awaken my son but the problem is still his eating. He needs to be told to chew his food and to chew it fast. One hour is alloted for his breakfast.

When I was still a student myself, I love schooling but I hated the thought of preparing and travelling to school. I hated the rush hour. But I had to do it anyway. And I was oftentimes late for school. Bad! I hope my son wouldn't feel like I did. Now I thought people today are lucky that they can finish a degree online.

After my son leaves for school in the morning, it's good that I can rest a little. And then I'd go by my chores which are obviously waiting for me.

My blogging have been taking a back seat. As you can see, my last post was still last week. Last night, I planned to blog hop and do a task. But after cooking, dinner, plastic covering some stuff and doing assignments, I was tired and sleepy already. Maybe because I wasn't able to take an afternoon nap even if I tried to have one. I haven't really figured out how to put blogging in my schedule. Glad I was able to squeeze this post in.

I believe things will get better soon *smile*


Enchie said…
I survived our first week for this school year. we made sure that we finish everything before the end of May para enjoy pa rin ang summer. But iba na ngayon for me kasi my son spends the whole day in school already I miss having him around...