Zach's 1st Educational Trip

The mommy is still exhausted. But we enjoyed the field trip so I needed to share at least some photos from it.

Our first destination is Luneta or Rizal Park. I took this opportunity to eat our breakfast as I know it's going to be a long day.

Second stop is the Light and Sound Museum in Intramuros.

And then still inside Intramuros, we visited the historical Fort Santiago.

Our last stop, where we we enjoyed the most is the Oceanarium at the Manila Ocean Park.


you are now in my blog time to weep and a time to laugh....add me also..thanks..
Hi Mrs. Lulu. I am very happy with your visiting to my blog. You added my excitedly. Your blog is very nice and warm. I feel a happy family on this blog, and may add knowledge to me. Thanks, I'll be a follower of this blog and try to put your logo on my blog. My regards to all of your family.
Chris said…
very excited ka im sure! :D glad you and zach had a great time!
Jona said…
correct Chris! excited mommy i was :D thanks for the visit! take care!