Mommy Moments: New Baby?

Zach, meet Winter, your baby brother.

This was their first meeting when Zach visited us home. Quite not excited :) Unlike when I was still pregnant and i tell him that we'll have a baby and I let him touch my tummy.

He stayed with his lola while I and hubby are in the hospital. And though I miss him so much he needs to go back to his lola's as I was still recovering and taking care of the new baby. After two weeks I asked hubby to let Kuya come home.

I was happy coz things were looking good. Not until curiosity comes to Kuya Zach. One day Kuya suddenly pulled Gabe's feet from the bed while sleeping. The poor one fell from a two-feet high bad. Nothing serious happened, just a tiny bruise above the lip. Sometimes he would throw toys on Gabe in his crib as if telling him to get up and play! :D

Things were worse when we moved to our house and it was just the three of us at home when Daddy comes to work. Zach throws tantrums saying "I want to be with you!" He pushes Gabe away and wants only him on my lap. The three of us will then be crying together :D I was guilty for not being able to spend time with him like I used to. I was so sad that I wasn't capable of doing that for him.

But now things are getting better as Kuya turned 4 1/2 and he learns to understand when we talk to him. I'm happy when I see them enjoying playing together. I look forward for the time when they are bigger and become bestfriends.

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