The Date

Hubby and I decided to pursue our date instead of just couch potatoing waiting for my in-laws last Saturday. Remember, we can't go home coz they used the car (which might need avw turbo) going to Pampanga.

We were in the Mall of Asia far from the planned SM Sta. Rosa. We're not sure if there's Sbarro in Glorietta or Greenbelt so we headed on to MOA. At last we're back to Sbarro after maybe a year. I missed the taste of their food. I ordered vegetarian pizza and something new from their menu, the battered fish. While hubby ordered macaroni stuffed pizza and a glass of raspberry iced tea. The taste of the fish coated with egg and flour batter was balanced out by the lemon zest. But near the end of my plate I was feeling overwhelmed by the richness of the egg. You might want to try this if you have someone to share it with. Hubby seldomly eats fish that's why I want to know if he's going to like it. If he does then I have one fish menu to feed him. But I realized I failed coz he didn't get another slice of it. The pizzas were as tasty as before.

After eating at Sbarro, I was a full tummy. I was satisfied to go home but hubby insisted to watch Angels and Demons which was unexpectedly better than The DaVinci Code. Wait for the twist of the story at the later part.

We went to the viewing deck to wait for the sun to go down a little when it's not that hot anymore to go out and head home. While waiting, we're eating Halo-halo from Razon's and hubby was giving me tutorial lessons about using Nikon D40.

I agree on what he said that it's also a breather for him. Hubby said that we should be doing our dates at least every other week. A big date and not-so-big-dates shall happen in a month. Of course the big dates go in time after the 15th to compensate our budget. We'll still see if it's going to work.

Best part: The sending-shivers-to-the-spine-talks...and
The eye to eye contacts like we were just bf and gf.
The holding hands like it's the first time we did.
His attention as if we have no kids to think about.
We prayed together. wasn't able to hold back my tears coz I felt so blessed to have him as my husband.

I told hubby that I felt so loved and he was laughing as he sees the look on my face. He always does this when I'm as mushy as a kitty.