Rewind to Monday: 3rd Dose

Hubby and I took Zach last Monday for his 3rd dose of anti-rabies vaccine. Stepping at the door Zach's saying "no" as he squirms like a worm. Hubby needed to force him inside. A wrestling match was next but of course hubby, I and the attendant won over Zach. He was screaming like a dinosaur as the attendant gave him the vaccine on his two arms. Poor little boy :( Thank God for the Yakult, he was comforted as he drank the whole bottle. It was still a little bit early so we went to a nearby mall. We rode the kiddie train and it gave him doses of fun. Too bad we didn't bring any camera to capture his giggles when the train started to choot. After the train ride, we went to National Bookstore. While looking for the dinosaur book as been promised, Zach saw a 'Cars' activity book with Lightning McQueen and Towmater on the cover. He giggled with delight as he carried it around the bookstore. But when H showed him the Dinosaur Atlas book, he quickly put back the 'cars' activity book where he got it. He liked The Dino book a lot that he kept on looking for it everytime he remembers that we bought it until we got home and bragged it to his tita Charisse and cousins kuya Lars and ate Alex. The other day when he woke up, I saw him browsing through the book while still laying down.
We also bought a book as a gift for Jael. We were delighted to see a good hardbound covered book for a sale price of only Php51 from the original Php205. And so we also bought another one for Gabe. I also found a sense of belongingness to this book coz the title is related to my blog - There is a Time for Everything.