Boys + Building Toys = Unlimited Fun

Zoob Dude and Gun
Zach's Lego
Lego and Zoobs
My boys are "destroyers" of toys and other stuff at home. Toy cars which aren't durable enough won't last a day to them. From slamming to purposely disassembling them, such toys are easily broken.

That's why building blocks like Legos and Zoobs are very appropriate for them. My boys and building blocks are really meant for each other. They build and destroy and it doesn't matter. They could do it all day. It means endless creation and fun.

Downside is the unlimited mess hehe. We kept these toys for a while because of that. I just took these toys down from the cabinet yesterday as a distraction from playing the iPad. I told them to just get the lego pieces that they need and not to scatter all of them on the floor.

By the way, these toys are quite expensive. Good thing, their Lola saw Legos from a garage sale while the Zoobs were gifts from their aunts.

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Chubskulit Rose said…
Legos, building blocks, and puzzles are my kids favorite. Lovely photos.

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anney said…
Cute! they look so happy in the picture!
Visiting for color connection
MoM from Manila said…
toys like Lego are good for kids because it enhances their creativity a seem to have two engineers in the making!

dropping by from Color Connection..hope you can take a peek at Motherhood and Me
Lalah said…
My Sophia in the other hand, destroys whatever peice hi cousin Icee makes. So that makes her a destoyer period hahahaha.... maybe i'll give her time to learn building next time.
JonaBQ said…
Now she's the destroyer hahaha! Maybe she'll find the fun with building blocks in time :D

Thanks for the comments!
Jessica Cassidy said…
what a colorful toys your boys have Sis :-) it looks fun but hard to pick-up after their mess :-) Dropping late from last weeks Color Connection
JonaBQ said…
@Jessica C,
Trulyly with the mess. As what my 2 yr old nephew said, "Many toys, many mess." haha! It's good I could make the kids pick up those small pieces or no tv for them. Hehe!

Thanks for the time!
Mona said…
Good job boys, my daughter loves building blocks too =)