Why Do Kids Need A Nap?

We're watching tv the other night and suddenly he just crashed like that. The boy who doesn't get a day's nap retires early. Heehee!

His kuya Zach just called me to say he misses me. He's with his Lola for vacation and last weekend they went to Banaue Rice Terraces. They went home to Manila on Monday and now they're on tour again this time in Ilocos. I'm excited for his stories when he comes home.
Lola and Zach
I'm missing the bickering these past few days here at home hehe :D I miss you Zach! I love you!
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Unknown said…
whenever I am home and I see that my daughter is not taking her afternoon nap, all I do is ask her to rest her eyes (pahinga mo muna mata mo) and she would know it's nap time, he he he. she would complain that she always fall asleep whenever she closes her eyes to rest. so, i usually lie beside her in bed until she falls asleep