Angry Birds And Pigs: Now Best Friends

Zach made this story book sometime last December 2011. I just always miss sharing it with you. I don't know where he got this idea.

Here's the dialogue between Angry Birds and Pigs.
A: Don't get me angry pig.
P: Ok bird, let's fight.

A: We work like a team.
P: Ok. Sorry bird.
A: Ok, what's next pig?
P: Let's fight again.

A: I'm angry!
P: Ok, we will be best friends.
A: I will give you P1000.
P: Thank you bird.
A2: You want some?
P2: I'll buy some food.

He loves drawing, building stuff and creating anything out of paper. He loves origami. In school, he's in the Arts Club. He asks for paper everyday. There's always folded papers in his pockets that sometimes get shredded in the washing machine. And papers all over the house with his writings or drawings. And I have to cope up with all the mess. I've read somewhere that dirt (or mess) gives way to learning.


Jessica said…
this is so cute Sis, love the conversation too :-) Returning the visit from WW.
emzkie said…
haha! that is so cute! lol

from WW
that is so creative of you! way to go! +, that is right, the pig + the bird ought to stop fighting, there's already too much negativity around :(

thanks for joining + see you again next time at kids in doodles :)