My Boys Got Smacked By Snoopy

Zac smack Snoopy Gabe and snoopy
I took this photo from snoopy street fair simulation app from my iPad. Snoopy is still the cutest beagle in the world of cartoons! Do you agree?

Lately, I've found simulation games for my iPad. And here I am again crazy with sim games. First I found Lemonade Tycoon, my most classic fave sims game. And then I found Snoopy Street Fair. Then I tried Island Exotic but the graphics and user interface aren't good so I deleted it. Then I'm now trying to build my pet shop together with my eldest son at Tap Pet Shop and an awesome bakery at Bakery Story.

So you see, these simulation games are taking my time. Add it to my daily housework and I got no more time to blog. But I'll visit all of you soon!
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Mommy Jes said…
ahahahhahah!!! nice shots!
Chris said…
these are cool photos! :d thanks for joining us. sorry for my late visit!