Wedensday Whites: Zach's Report Card 1st Periodical Gr. 1

Happy to hear from the teacher that Zach's excelling in school.

The only thing is his orderliness. His things are always scattered on the floor as per the teacher. I talked to him about his teacher's comments. There's always room for improvement.

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Cookie said…
yey! hurray for Zach! It's always a treat for parents to see good grades from our kids =)

Don't worry about orderliness. Let him be a kid for sooner or later, he will overcome that. Thanks for visiting my blog! Happy Wednesday =)
wow, good job Zach! I echo cookie, just let him be kid.. hehe... was here too sis for WW :)
teJan said…
wow congrats to Zach.. and of course to the parents good job:)

visiting from White W Jo..see ya around too!
January Zelene said…
galing ni Zach! way to go little boy! :)

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kim said…
WOW! you must be very proud! left you a kiss, girl! hope i get one back, thanks!
Rcel said…
WOW! That is an excellent and remarkable work at school! Great job to your son, Mommy! :)

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If you have, a big thanks and see you next time! :)
raya said…
wow! what a brilliant boy! like mom? haha! thanks for joining again this week, Jona!

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