Mommy Moments: Fashion Tip

My two boys are only 6 and 3. And maybe because they're young that's why their sense of fashion depends on mommy's taste. Let's wait when they're bigger.

We don't really follow the trends of the times. The clothes they wear are classic, simple and comfortable as what I prefer. Polo shirts, t-shirts, shorts, long pants and their rubber shoes. Some of their clothes are hand-me-downs from cousins and some are given by other relatives. I'm grateful that we don't need to buy them much clothes. As they grow into it really fast.
Just that, even now, I know that the little boy is more attuned to his fashion sense than the kuya. In a sense that he prefers Transformers shirt than a plain colored shirt. He refuses to wear the net-style sando. Hahaha!
Unlike the kuya who doesn't care what I let him wear.
I think they're still young to wear accessories such as watch or jewelries. And my kids are very active! Not advisable.

Long or short hair, it suits my boys really well. They both have silky straight hair so it's easy to style. No need for hair gels. 
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Mirage said…
I love the long hair! :D I let my little boy sport longer hair to hide a scar on his forehead :D cute kids!
imriz said…
im on it for classic, simple and comfortable.
cute were your boys. bilis magsilaki :)
Louisette said…
Wonderfull boys, greeting from Belgium.
Stef said…
Your boys are equally handsome. I love the long hair too! Visiting from MM. Here's my entry. See you!
Tetcha said…
What's good when our kids are still young is that they still allow us to choose what they're going to wear. I'm no fashionista, too, but I make sure I choose something comfortable for my son to wear. Happy MM! Here's my entry:
Chris said…
nice photos of your boys. both have their strong points ah! :D