Mommy Moments: Wacky!

Joining mommy moments today, YEY!

Making funny faces with photo booth application.

Pacute pa e noh :D

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Mommy Liz said…
this one is cute. hehehe..
zoan said…
whew, thanks for the visit :D

anyways, baka interested ka to join red's contest check it out here :

kailangan ko kasi ng referrals :((
Karen Chayne said…
ang cute naman ng mga wacky photos nyo sis! it!

here's my wacky padiding pics too. thanks!
Unknown said…
of all the entries here at mommy moments, this has got got to be one unique entry. something scary yet you know its funny:)
kimmy said…
literally wacky!
JonaBQ said…
sorry it;s not meant to scare anyone, hehe! we were really having fun making faces with photo booth :D
thanks for the time imriz!
Chris said…
wow, kakaibang wacky shots to! :D
Clarissa said…
hahahaa!!so makulet lol!

Thanks for dropping by,Mommy Jona^_^