Mommy Moments: Grandparents

We seldom see my parents since we moved here in Laguna so we always miss them. This was during my mom's birthday last February at the home where I grew up.

Our kids had bonding time with their Lola and Mamay (Batangenyo term for lolo) when we went to Boracay last month.
Hopping on the waves.

Reading with Lola.

Mamay caught small crabs and was showing them to his grandboys.

I just saw this pic while looking at the archives. This was in EK last year. I remembered they were  running from and chasing Mamay back. Oopps! Gabe, not too fast, wrong spot.

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seth said…
They are lucky to have special moment with their granny's....I love the waves!!! and also the quiet reading time with Lola..
Jac said…
nice pictures mommy ang sweet nila lolo and lola =) Happy weekend =)
kimmy said…
your pictures portray sweetness and so much love.. lucky you to have those moments. happy MM!
Chris said…
those are great bonding moments! :D what a sight! :D
nuts said…
oh...these are special photos and I love all the pics! Oh yes, and i really wanna go to Boracay.. :)