Mommy Moments: Newborn Days

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Newborn days...the first thing in my mind was I was breastfeeding 24/7. But there's a lot for me to share about having a newborn.

Above all, I was too emotional. I think that's biological....hormones etc. There were times when I didn't want anyone to carry my baby. Like a cat who's just given birth to kittens, I feel like they're taking him away from me when someone carries him. Sometimes, just staring at him makes me cry. I felt so in awe of God for giving us a baby or that I was capable to be a mother.

I was so blessed that after the agony of my CS operation and painful wound, my firstborn didn't give us much physical stress. Except for the full aching breasts and backaches. When he's hungry at night, we hear a sound from him yet not a cry. I just turn to my side to breastfeed him and we're asleep again. He can sleep anywhere, even with poopy in his diaper hehe :D I just remembered one instance when i can't make him stop crying no matter what I did. Thanks to my FIL. Zach was peacefully asleep when FIL handed him back to me. I cried in the bathroom due to mixed emotions hehe :D

              Virgil Zachary

My second time being a mom was more physically stressful. The loud cries are really irritating and traumatic especially when you lack enough sleep. Winter wakes up every two hours to cry and be breastfed. Ironically, making him smile is easier and seeing his smile is so much joy that's incomparable to all the stress.

                                     Winter Gabriel

Being a new mom is an inexplanable experience that makes a woman intangibly rich.

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