Mommy Moments - Yummy!

Can't believe it's Friday already! Days pass by so quickly.

Here's my share on Yummy Mommy Moments.

Winter a.k.a. Gabe (I want to get used to calling him by his first name) eats practically anything. Before he loves string beans and now his favorite is young corn and corn. If I cook chopseuy or buttered veggies, he picks them by his hand. Of course he won't let desserts pass.

Look at that yearning in the boy's face. hehehehe =D

With Kuya Zach, I have a hard time feeding him. so picky. Just wants to eat chicken nuggets, tocino, hotdogs, pizza, peanut butter sandwich, fruits, sweets and of course biscuits and chichiria. It was really a battle to make him eat. But I learned that forcing him to eat anything that he doesn't like makes things worse. So I just feed him something that he likes. I don't stop offering him good food though. And I make it sure that he drinks milk everyday. I think it's working. He's gained weight lately.

He started disliking milk formula when he was 2 1/2. Since then he drinks fresh milk and when he turned 3 1/2 he wants it only with chocolate or strawberry syrup.

Yummy! milk with choco syrup.

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