Mommy Moments - A Day At The Mall

This moment I'm going to share today was when we attended one of my cousins' son's birthday. They usually come home here in the Philippines in time to celebrate their kid's special day.

Very rare do we see Zach dancing, but he had fun doing it with cousin LJ. The celebrant is the little boy in white shirt.

After the food, games and candle blowing, we had a free ride-all-you-can tickets to Storyland courtesy of the celebrant.
These beautiful kids are my kids' cousins from my side.
Kuya Zach had fun with all the rides a blast at the roller coaster. He went in it for more than five times that day. Gabe was happy with the kiddie rides. Didn't want to get off the yellow baby giraffe.

Going home time. Goodbye kisses to nanay and tatay.

In the car, Gabe dozed off with a lolli in his mouth.

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