Mommy Moments: Home

We are grateful that our kids are growing to a place of our own.

Our house is not grand. We chose not to put decorations hanged on walls, or breakable displays on tables and furnitures. It's not that I don't want to beautify our house. I so love looking at interior design magazines or visit home stores. Either the glass centerpiece breaks or one of my son gets hurt. And that's truly heartbreaking.

We want our home to be a place where my two high-spirited boys can move freely. Protecting our TV and the refrigerator from my son's flying toys everywhere at anytime is enough headache for me.

Our home is...
A place to learn

A place to relax

And play wrestling....wait, let mommy go

A place to play

A place to eat jellies

...and ice candy while watching movies

And last but not the least, our home is for bed scenes.

Let me see what your home is about at Mommy Moments.


Dinah said…
Love your home and your family! Its happiness all over ;-)
Rcel said…
I love your home! It's everybody's wish to have one like yours-- ful of love and life! I love the bed scenes, more! We have countless of those din aksi with our daughter-- paggising and bago matulog, nakuuuuu ang hahabang bed scenes ang magaganap at puno ng tawanan! :)

My first time joining Mommy Moments! I hope to see you at my simple home! :)
carinamodella said…
you have a nice home! kids are having a good time there...lovely photos.
Pinx said…
the LCD tv has to be protected! hehehe! i would do the same thing! nice family bonding photos! visiting your home via MM!
janakidiary said…
I enjoy looking at all your pics :0
Tintin.Tetay said…
Visiting from Mommy Moments. Thank you for giving us a preview of your home.

Mine is up here.

"It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home." ~Author Unknown
Chubskulit Rose said…
Parang ang saya saya lagi dyan sa bahay nyo Mommy Jona.

Our Home, have a nice weekend!
vaneneng said…
I agree mukhang happy home tlga ito, i love the pictures! very sweet kaung lhat sa isa't-isa..:) visiting from MM, mine is HERE drop by if you have time.. Godbless!
Tetcha said…
You all look so happy in your home sweet home. Happy Mommy Moments! Here's my entry:
kimmyschemy said…
seems like a house full of fun!

MY ENTRY is here!
Chris said…
what a great post! :D love the moments captured as well :)