With Love Wednesday

I'll be starting a new meme next week. I want to have FUN! I call it "With Love Wednesday."

Join me every Wednesday, in sharing a photo or photos of us with someone or something that we love. Videos are also encouraged. A little story behind will make it more interesting. I bet we'll know each other more through this. Themes will be announced ahead to get the excitement going.

This coming Wednesday, let's start off with the theme:

Love For Life

A photo/s of you with your forever partner, your hubby, sweetheart, honey, honeybee, babe, darling, sweet pea, pangga, kuchiku whatever you call him/her.

Let's cherish the things or persons that makes our world go round in With Love Wednesday.

Badge coming soon!


Me said…
Already drafting my entry for tomorrow! ^^
JonaBQ said…
old post na to ha :D