Pixel Bug Weekend : Buco

Yesterday after church, we had lunch at Tokyo Tokyo, bought rocket launchers, one for each boy and looked in the department store if they have available curtain similar to the ones we saw in Puregold but only they have two pieces left. Unfortunately-unfortunate they don't sell the same precious curtains so I ended up buying a knife.

We spotted buko (coconut) desert in the fastfood and we're not mistaken to have stopped by and waited for 15 minutes in the long cue.
Until now I can't take my mind out of it. I liked the buco+fruit salad coz it's not too sweet, just right to the taste. It consists of freshly scraped buko meat, cantaloupe, watermelon, (1 pc.) lychee and mangoes in crushed ice and milk. What's enticing is that you'll eat from the buko itself. See the little guy can't wait to have a taste.

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